De-Winterizing that Skin

We're a few days into spring and it's that time of year to begin thinking about de-winterizing your skin and getting it sunshine ready. I live in a part of the country that is cold and dry during the winter months and can cause havoc on my hair and skin. The winter air tends to severely dry out the skin having it become itchy, flaky and even crack from the lack of moisture.

So, I take a few simple steps every year to de-winterize my skin.


  1. Drink up! I have to increase my water intake. Luckily I like water, but I always find myself drinking less of it in the winter (which doesn’t help with dry skin) because I don’t feel as hot and thirsty as I do in the warmer months. I make the conscious decision to substantially; but gradually increase my water intake, and it's no secret that healthy, supple and glowing skin starts from the inside, so down the hatch!


  1. Eat up! Just with the water my fresh raw veggie and fruit intake takes a blow during the winter months. Partly, because fruit is out of season and just isn't as wonderful as it could be; but the main reason is that comfort food is my best friend when it's snowy, dark and cold, and I will pick a bowl of hearty stew over a bowl of salad every time. As with water the nutrients found in fruits and veggies works wonders on maintaining lovely healthy skin that regenerates well and is healthy.


  1. Shed it! Now, I've done pretty well in exfoliating regularly this winter season. Alternating between my amazing kessa glove that I picked up in Morocco and our sugar body polish to get the job done. Exfoliating a few times a week is a great habit to pick up, and it's very easy to acquire a layer of dead winter skin if you aren’t getting rid of that build-up. Besides it's about that time to show-off that beautiful layer that was hibernating all those months. But, exfoliating literally regenerates your skin, you jump in the shower with one set of skin and jump out with a nice new set. Dead skin is just that dead. It inhibits that soft dewy skin we all strive for, so get rid of that dead weight.


  1. LOC it! If you caught a previous blog post that I wrote called 'Banishing That Winter Itch' it speaks on the importance of locking in the moisture. It's so importing to get this step right. For one; when done properly it helps retain moisture in the skin rather than evaporating right out, and secondly less product is used which saves you money; always a great thing. Moisture is everything, it keeps the skin pliable, supply, healthy and glowing. Moisturizing correctly and with the right products will keep you looking as if you didn't just spend the last three months in hibernation.

Stay beautifully polished.


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