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Elements Egypt

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Brand Polish & Lather

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Next stop Egypt!!!!

Egypt is home to the only surviving wonder of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World; the iconic pyramids. We will take our sourcing to the ancient city of Cairo and visit souks, spice markets and the street vendors to curate this special box. As with each of our sourcing trips; the shopping will be completely done organically. We will not arrive with a shopping list of items, but will walk the streets, engage with locals and see what items speak to us. 

This trip we will welcome the new and exciting challenges as we dig for great Egyptian items in a country that has been apart of my childhood dreams and wishes.

Elements Box buy-in expires 14 May 2018, and the boxes will begin shipping 4 June 2018.

Make sure to grab your surprise Egypt Elements Box before they sell out.

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