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Elements Marrakesh

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Brand Polish & Lather

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Next stop Marrakesh, Morocco!!!

We are bringing it back to where Elements all began. 

Marrakesh was the first destination that started as the little seed that grew into us hosting our very first group sourcing trip, and what's a more perfect way to celebrate the inaugural sourcing trip than with this beautiful, bustling and enchanting city.

Located in Northwest Africa old Marrakesh (The Medina) transports you back in time to how life was hundreds of years ago. Freshly made bread is pulled to their destinations by donkey drawn carts; streets so narrow it is a car free zone, with miles of miles of alleys with little artisan shops lining every inch.

Some of the best shopping can be had in the souks of Marrakesh, and as a soap maker and a lover of artisan goods this place is pure heaven. I'm thrilled at the opportunity to head back and shop for all of you while guiding other soap makers on their discovery of this beautiful place.

Make sure to grab your surprise goody box filled with ingredients and items directly sourced from Marrakesh, and as with all of our boxes limited quantities are available so don't miss out.

We arrive in Marrakesh 2 October and Elements Box buy-in expires 28 September 2018. 

Shipment of the boxes will start 15 October 2018.

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